Drunk Chicken-Coq au Vin In Mushrooms

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Coq au Vin is a well known French dish

that the idea behind it is to soak the whole chicken with roots of the vegetables in whole wine bottle.

for few hours and the results is a soft and wonderful chicken.


4 chicken (legs and thighs) 

1/2 bottles of white wine

8 whole black peppercorns

5 whole allspice ( English pepper) 

4 bay leaves

1 bunch handful of celery leaves

3 tablespoons olive oil ( for sear the chicken after soak) 

6 colored carrots

1 pac of peeled halved shallots

2 pieces of leek cut into large pieces ( without the green leaves) 

1 head of garlic halved across

1 tablespoons salt

1 teaspoon coarse black pepper


Step 1

Soak the squash in wine.with the spices for 12 hours, but it is also possible less.

Step 2

Drain the poultry,and dry well with a clean cloth towel and keep the wine and spices aside.

Step 3

Prepare the oven and preheat it to 180c degrees.

Step 4

Heat over medium flame a wide ,flat pot that can fit in the oven.

Pour tablespoons of olive oil and sear the poultry on all sides.

Step 5

Add the vegetables- the carrots,shallots,leeks and two halves of garlic.

Step 6

Return the poultry and pour over everything the wine and spices we kept.

Step 7

Season with coarse salt and pepper,cover and place in the hot oven for 50 minutes.

Step 8

Take out the poultry,brush them and the vegetables with the cooking liquid raise the oven temperature to -200 c degrees and return uncovered for

a final 5-10 minutes roasting, until everything becomes golden and beautiful. Serve

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